Cowboy Fever 
A slot game project featuring a wild west universe with a unique visual look.

Fatman and Alfredo

Fatman and Alfredo is a puzzle game designed as a parody of the popular superhero culture. Player plays as Alfredo, Fatman’s personal butler, helping Fatman micromanaging his daily life from fighting villains to keep him fed.

The visual style of the game is inspired by "Fez" and "Super Time Force", utilizing block shapes with sharp edges


Nano-Nanonauts is a wi-fi co-op game developed for tablet platform.  4 players plays as nano-surgents, defending the human body against virus attack.

Player chooses to be one of the 4 Nanonauts, each has its own unique ability. I wanted to create a team of superheroes in a "microscopic" level. Who says things can't look cool when they are tiny?


UZE is a 2D side-scrolling game concept. Player has to switch between three distinct powers to get through levels by solving puzzles and defeating enemies.

Little Asia Marathon

A monopoly style game that takes the player across the eastern Asia through a marathon competition.

 Who "Is" Your Neighbors?

A web game with funny characters and humors.

Crazy Hospital

A game concept combining the hospital scene with classic monsters.

Flames of the Olympic

A game concept featuring the competitions of the summer Olympic games.

Violin Paradise

A music game developed for Nintendo Wii, utilizing Wii's controller to mimic the gesture of playing violin.

Game Jam Projects
Both of these projects were finished in 48 hours with a team of 4 people in 2 game jam events.

A Knight's Tale
A mobile game combining endless running gaming style with match 3 mechanics. Available for Android devices.

Download Link:

Food War
A gesture based mobile game that gives players supermarket coupons base on their scores.